The main features in this open plan kitchen / living room were the purple sofa which was staying and the kitchen units (some lime green, some beige) and the walnut wood floor, worktop and splashback. There was a grey textured rug on the floor too.

However the walls were white and the window was bare. The room felt a little cold and clinical. The client was keen to be adventurous with the space but just did not know where to begin!

Here a a few photos of how it looked before – scroll down to see the ‘after’ photographs.


Together we decided some pattern would not go astray – in fact we were quite brave with pattern in the end with this striking Designers Guild wallpaper.
The remaining walls around the living area of the room were painted in Dulux Chalk Blush 3 – in a gorgeous flat matt finish – and a backpainted glass splasback one shade darker (Chalk Blush 2) was fitted over the sink worktop in the kitchen, contrasting nicely with the walls which remained white at this end of the room.
When it came to deciding what to do with the window –  as the room was not overloooked and natural light was in short supply it would be best to go for a sheer fabric, adding a layer of cosiness to the room but keeping the view of the outdoors accessible. This is on a ‘Wave’ curtain track which is now one of my fabric curtain styles! It’s very contemporary and perfect for compact modern spaces. I just love how it stacks up neatly when it’s opened up.

 My client had some photos she wanted to incorporate into her new living room so we created a gallery wall over the sofa with a mixture of frames – some old, some new and a traditional mirror just to reflect a little bit of that dramatic pattern on the wall behind.

Last but not least, some new silk cushions completed the space. When I had originally showed my client some colours that would work as accents in the room, she picked out the garnet red and teal green, so although there is just a tiny amount of these shades on the cushion stripes, they add to the overall impact when you walk into the room.