This is a good example of a multi-functional room – a guest bedroom that doubles up as a study, for two people. Double bed and double desk. Plus lots of file storage…. and a place to showcase a guitar collection.

It was another opportunity within this property to incorporate some bespoke furniture, something I love to develop if the opportunity and need arises. (To see more details – have a look at our Bespoke Furniture Projects here.) In this case, the double desk was made to maximise the work space in the room, with a slot inbetween both workstations for an off-the-shelf filing cabinet to slot in. Hand-making an integrated set of drawers within this desk would have made it much more costly to produce so I like to factor these aspects in when designing such pieces. We were able to specify cable management holes for the computers, printer and desk lamps to keep everything neat and efficient. The desk is veneered in walnut, which adds a warmth to the room and complements the black, white and grey colour theme around the rest of the room.