It’s always an honour to be asked to design a bedroom for a little person who has not even arrived into the world just yet. To share in that feeling of excitement and anticipation, and the positive feelings that result from feeling prepared (at least from an interior design point of view!) for the new baby.

Having a small child myself has also allowed me to put some of my design thinking to the test over the past few years and put the results into practice when helping first time parents plan out that special space in their home.

It’s easy to get carried away with all the amazing baby related products out there – everything from cute bedding, wall stickers and accessories, to kitting the room out with some teddys and toys.

However, there are some bigger decisions to be made first: Best position for the cot – so you can peak in without light from outside shining on baby’s face, practical storage and nappy changing area, and some good blackout curtains or blinds for the window – a must for those summer time early sunrises!

I also like to think about a room that can evolve with the child – so not too ‘babyish’ in terms of colours or themes. Wall stickers are a great way to update the decor – most will peel off the wall with no damage to the paintwork. Also, will the current furniture layout still work when the cot is replaced by a single bed? If any furniture is being built-in it is certainly worth considering the eventual layout of the room now so you don’t regret your layout decisions later on.