This is a design scheme I have just completed for a family in Finchley, North London. It’s an open plan kitchen, dining and TV area and although the kitchen was already fitted when I was called in on the project, the rest was a blank canvas. No furniture, flooring or furniture. The kitchen units are a simple white gloss, with a granite worktop and they liked the idea of oak flooring.

So the brief I took at our first meeting was very much about how to bring colour, texture and pattern into the room, while keeping it bright and airy – and child and dog friendly. Also, help with furniture layout was needed.

The room had a recess that I thought would look great painted in a deep teal colour behind a brown leather sofa. This would allow us to keep the rest of the walls quite pale without the room being in danger of feeling too ‘washed out’.

Next task was thinking about how to pick up this teal accent colour throughout the room – suggestions being the cushions, rug and a patterned blind on the window over the kitchen sink.

See furniture layout below: