I have just completed a series of workshops on how Nanotechnology can be used in interior design.

The smart nano coatings improve the life and appearance of a surface by imparting a ‘Easy-To-
Clean’ effect. They are easy to maintain with a high level of hygiene without the need for harmful
chemicals. They simplify cleaning and help reduce the time, effort and products needed for cleaning.
The coatings protect the surface by preventing:

  • water, liquids and dirt from adhering to the surface
  • fungus, lichen, algae, moss etc from adhering to the surface.
  • bacteria and germs from creating a firm bond with the surface.
  • dirt from penetrating surface.
  • discoloration.

And helping:

  • keep the original finish.
  • clean with less chemicals.

Plus they are:

  • Eco-friendly – reduces the consumption of chemical and water
  • Durable protection ranging from few months to 10 years
  • Free from silicone, acrylics or Teflon

The smart nano coatings can protect every surface and improve its life and appearance by imparting
an ‘Easy-To-Clean’ effect.