I discovered this wallpaper called ‘On a Wire’ by Katherine Morris of Earth Inke Wall Coverings (www.earthinke.co.uk) at Tent London last year and thought it would be perfect for this little project – the concept being that the frames act like ‘windows’ and you can ‘see the birds outside’. In what is a fairly dark living room with not much of a view of the sky outside the real windows (often the case in London!), it adds a certain sense of space and calm.

The starting point was sourcing a mix of rectangular frames – different sizes and styles, hanging them and then cutting the wallpaper to size, and voila – a framed wallpaper montage!

Choosing the frames:












Playing around with the layout – decided to omit one and go for 5 instead of 6 frames:


Picture hanging in progress:






















Working out the composition within each frame:












And finally, the finished framed wallpaper montage!


This concept would work with many styles of wallpaper, depending on the atmosphere you want to create in the room. It could be the perfect way to introduce a bold pattern that you may not have the courage to put over a whole wall.

If you are interested in discussing an interior design project and would like to incorporate a framed wallpaper montage in your home or business premises, give me a call on 07966 382094 or email design@audreywhelan.com.