It wouldn’t be the first time we’ve given a design presentation at a client’s home with their cat in attendance, happily sat on fabric samples and moodboards!  The pet-loving city dweller is faced with a specific set of challenges when considering the interior design of their home.  Will the dark fur left behind by your dog on the new, velvet sofa require you to clean it every day? Or worse yet, will your cat have a scratching frenzy on the woolen rug? Will you sacrifice precious bathroom or storage space for a litter tray if you aren’t lucky enough to have some outside space?

When designing a new flat for our clients in Finsbury Park, one of our greatest challenges was to maximise the open-plan living, dining & kitchen for a growing family and their three furry friends (dog, cat and hamster).  We designed a bespoke dining bench with a concealed litter tray and cat flap which creatively delineated the eating space whilst providing storage and kept the litter tray neatly tucked away but easily accessible.   Their cat Poppy could easily step in and out of the end of the dining bench through the cat flap which ensured that any odours were kept within the litter tray area.  The upholstered cushion and lid on the kitchen bench can be lifted for easy access to the litter tray.




On the theme of pets, we thought it would be interesting to look at a few unusual yet stylish furniture pieces which put the needs of our pets first!


1.  CATable by Designer Ruan Hao at the Chinese architecture firm LYCS

Have you ever been working at your desk whilst being constantly interrupted by a cat determined to sit on your laptop keyboard or notebook?  If so – CATable may be the solution for you!  Whilst you work away, a series of tunnels and holes carved out of the thickness of your desk promise to keep your pet entertained and off your laptop!


2.  Pet Cave by Pup & Kit

If you aren’t keen on having your pet sleep on the bed, but would like to keep them close at night why not combine your nightstand and dog bed to create a Pet Cave!


3.  Wood Feline’s Tower by POTE Korea

We’ve all spotted that cat perched on a windowsill watching the world below and it’s no secret that they love to spend time on higher ground.  This tree-like tower can provide a comfortable spot for your pet to climb into, scratch, sleep, play and also contains an integrated feeding area.  Surrounded by tall, indoor plants – this could be a funky piece of furniture perfectly adapted to suit your pet.


4.  DIY dog house

Looking to combine your love for dogs with a DIY challenge?  Why not build the perfect dog home from wooden pallets!  Throw in some blankets and spruce up the exterior with bright colours to make the ultimate dog house.


5.  Caravan dog bed by Curio by B-Spoke Designs

This retro dog bed in the shape of a caravan would look great in an eclectic bedroom.  Check out the mini version of this caravan dog bed which is designed as a bird house that can be attached to a tree and is sure to attract birds from afar!