We’ve had a number of clients who’ve fallen in love with the traditional features of their period home, however are unhappy with the size and layout of their kitchen.  Traditionally, Georgian & Victorian households pushed their kitchens (the servants’ domain) to the back of the house behind the stairs, in the basements or in a totally separate wing if space permitted.   Kitchens were designed solely as functional spaces – with doorways placed strategically to avoid draught getting to the fire, and windows placed high up towards the ceiling providing an exit path for hot air.  Kitchens were not intended to be used by their owner, so hardly any investment was put into making them comfortable, visually interesting spaces.  It was only when the lady of the house began to take on the duties of the household as servants’ wages rose to unaffordable amounts that the future of the kitchen started to look brighter.

Today the kitchen has evolved into much more than a designated space for preparing meals.  An online, multi-tasking lifestyle has called for a reinvention of that concept, asking for an adaptable space – one that can cater for parents simultaneously keeping an eye on the kids, the cooking and the email, yet can also be transformed into an effortless, elegant dining experience.

A successful kitchen – regardless of style, is one that utilises natural light, clever space planning and a collage of textures to complement or contrast the remainder of the house.  When it comes to designing a kitchen, we like to guide our clients through the process with us – starting with layout options alongside ideas for materials and colours whilst considering different kitchen styles.

Perhaps you feel it’s time for a complete upgrade but are having trouble visualising what your new kitchen could look and feel like or maybe you would like to transform your existing kitchen on a budget but are not sure how to begin.  Take a look at our recent kitchen design work below and our full portfolio here and do not hesitate to get in touch to discuss how we can help!


High Barnet Kitchen Extension – technical floorplan & elevations

High Barnet – moodboard

High Barnet – ‘after’ photos


High Barnet – implementation


Forest Hill Kitchen Extension- space planning options

Forest Hill – technical floorplan & 3D Visuals


Forest Hill – moodboard & samples


Forest Hill – implementation