Tent London, now in it’s sixth year at the Truman Brewery in East London, is one of my London Design Festival favourites. It’s a great place to meet up-and-coming designers and discover new products just entering the marketplace. Kind of a tradeshow but feels quite quirky, relaxed and fun! I only had a couple of hours there but I could have spent the whole day as there was so much to see. So I had to be very selective about where to stop, but here are some of the things that grabbed my attention, grinding me to a halt in my effort to get up and down every aisle!

1. Haidée Drew Interior Accessories: 

Haidée says her accessories are designed to evoke nostalgia and I think these acrylic wall-hung mirrors do just that.


2. Zoe Murphy

Amazing printed furniture!
























3. Furniture Magpies:

Woolly lampshades, perfect for making your home feel cosy for winter… not only that but after getting chatting to the co-owner of the business, Nessa, we realised we studied in the same place in Dublin (although graduated several years apart)!



4. Curiousa & Curiousa lighting

I can just imagine a cluster of these hanging in an ornate Victorian hallway, twinkling at you as you arrive in out of the dark outdoors.

Garnet Red, Purple and Smoked Olive


5. Deborah Bowness

Can you believe this is wallpaper? It certainly fooled me for a minute. Deborah is also the woman behind the famous bookshelf wallpaper which has been a favourite of mine for some time now! See this and more on her website (link below).



6. Earth Inke

I think this ‘Birds on a Wire’ wallpaper is a great way to bring some of the outdoors in! Infact I’ve been thinking about framing some of it – to give that birds outside the window effect…



7. Alp Design

Look at these white leather framed mirrors – just gorgeous!



8. Faye McCaul

Knitted fibre optics in a frame. Stunning!




9. Korla Home

This pattern caught my eye from a far. I must admit it’s my kind of thing! I love a bit of geometry. They have a fantastic range of fabrics and I’m looking forward to using them in some projects soon.