The world is a fascinating place and people have been adding elements from different cultures to their homes for decades. From furniture to colour schemes, exotic tiles to rugs and wall hangings. It seems we love to invite a bit of the big wide world into our homes.

A recent trend in interior design relates to travel in a different way. It’s not so much about adding elements of different cultures to your home, but using the elements of physical travel, including transport methods, tickets, maps, and vintage travel items such a suitcases, as a basis for the design of wall decoration, furniture, storage, and accessories.

This is not just becoming popular in homes either. When out and about the other day I went into a well-known clothes shop and spotted a table next to their fitting rooms made from a black patent suitcase!

So let’s look at some of the travel inspired elements I’ve been noticing popping up in interiors:

Map Wallpaper

This is an extension of the maps we hung on our bedroom walls as children and teenagers. Remember dreaming about all of the places you wanted to travel to when you grew up?

Map wallpaper is becoming a fashionable addition to many homes, offices and retail outlets.

Tektura ( have a great selection of map wallpapers to choose from such as the one in this photograph. There really is a suitable design for any room or space in your home or office. Maps International also now sell maps in wallpaper form!

Map wallpaper  world


Suitcase furnitureWhile I’ve been out and about recently, or looking at interior design magazines, I’ve noticed an increasing number of travel related pieces of furniture. More specifically furniture made using vintage suitcases.

Take a look at this imaginative and impressive range of suitcase furniture on Etsy.

That’s not the only travel themed furniture that’s proving popular. You can have sofas and chairs upholstered in the same fabric as historically used on the seats of the London underground trains as it is now possible to buy these fabrics – simply pick your favourite tube line and voila, you have a piece of travel history in your home.


The travel theme doesn’t end with wallpaper and furniture. You add some finishing touches with a great selection accessories for your home, all based on travel, from train ticket and map cushions, to curtains, blinds and lampshades.

For example, aswell as selling the London Underground fabrics I mentioned above, Kirkby Design also have a fantastic range of London underground themed cushions. The fabrics used are based on those found in London’s Transport Museum archives.

Travel cushions   Kirkby Design cushions

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